FFNF Sales Method

Exactly how Michael Mignogna gets new contractor clients on demand

Course now includes recorded sales calls! Listen to Michael talk to contractors who ended up hiring him. Learn by listening to exactly HOW Michael talks to prospective clients. Gamechanger.

Michael Mignogna’s Secrets: Learn to Schedule and Close Contractor Clients Like He Does with the Family Friend No Friction Sales Method

Guys, Mike Mignogna here... This course is so insanely valuable. It started with a 1-on-1 SMMA Zoom Call where I shared my biggest secrets and exact strategies for how I get roofers and other contractors booked onto my calendar and closed using my totally unique sales call strategy.

We talked about mindset as well, which—believe it or not—is just as big a gamechanger as knowing my exact funnel.

In this course, you get full access to that entire 1+ hour call, but there's way more...

I've added a lesson on how I target my ads to get in front of several types of contractors, including roofers, obviously. There's a "trick" I use when choosing interests...

I also teach, in this course, exactly how I set up Facebook Conversions API so that my ads get me amazing results.

Additionally, I've recently added a lesson where I share with you my actual sales call SCRIPT!

Here's a rundown of everything in more detail:

  • Mindset

    • What to do if you don’t feel confident you can deliver results for your clients, and HOW to deliver them great results

    • What are the average results you can get for your clients? And how should you think about this so that you don’t second guess yourself.

    • How to change your mindset so that you can quickly get dozens of paying clients

    • If you don’t feel confident about being able to get clients results, your sales calls are going to suffer. How to completely fix that.

    • How to get your clients to focus less on results and more on what is equally as important: who they’re working with.

  • Winter is coming (or what to do in the offseason)

    • Should you even try to get new roofing and other contracting clients in the winter and over the holidays? The surprising answer, plus strategies to make it work. The secret weapon analogy that makes them want to work with you in the winter so they don’t pause your services, or so that they want to get started with you.

    • How to point out one of the most amazing things about social media marketing that makes contractors realize how crazy it would be NOT to try it out with you.

    • How do you know if ads aren’t working or if it’s really something else like the time of year or other things out of your control.


    • The FB ads, including the primary text, headline, etc., plus the thought process behind it all.

    • The video I have on the landing page and the other aspects of the landing page.

    • The “gurus” usually recommend getting the person to schedule a zoom call with you. I do things totally differently, and it’s a game changer. WHY this works so much better.

    • No testimonials yet? No problem. What to do if you don’t have any.

  • How to close clients with ZERO pressure. TOTALLY different than what the “gurus” are recommending. The FAMILY FRIEND NO FRICTION sales method

    • What to do if they ask you for the price at the beginning of the call. 

    • What to do if they ask you if you have any other clients and experience, and what to say if you don’t so that they still want to work with you. 

    • The biggest fear a contractor has before hiring an SMMA, and how to use that to your advantage.

  • How I target different types of contractors

    • This is a separate training added to this course. It's part of an additional 30+ minute video.

  • How I set up the Facebook Conversions API

    • This is also part of that new 30+ minute additional training. Awesome.

  • My exact sales call script

    • A PDF showing you exactly what I say on sales calls so that you can practice.


    • Listen to calls that Michael recorded where he closed roofers. Learn exactly what to say and how to say it!

  • Bonuses

    • How to deal with “Learning Limited” mode

    • How to think about Facebook ads platform so that you can stop obsessing about things that aren’t important, worrying that you are doing the wrong things, etc.

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