Hope Framework: Stories Strategy

Grab the exact sales copy I use for dozens of my contractor clients

When you purchase this mini course, you get immediate access to a training video PLUS instant access to sales copy that I use for SO MANY of my clients in all contractor niches.

It's my HOPE framework applied to one of my most successful strategies: Stories!

One of the best things about the story strategy is that it alleviates a HUGE objection and concern many contractors have when they're considering marketing: Misleading their customers with BS offers. 

These ads don't require the contractor run any sort of sale or pricing scheme. 

Instead, this ad copy that you can copy and paste is perfect because it tells real stories about their real clients, but it ONLY includes the things homeowners truly care about, and it's written to resonate insanely well

If you're an SMMA owner, your contractor clients will LOVE the ads you create using this sales copy. 

If you're a contractor, you'll LOVE being able to copy and paste these ads to get more and better leads than ever before. 

Get it now!

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Contractor ad creatives (MY EXACT CANVA TEMPLATES)

The exact images I use with my HOPE framework ad copy: With the purchase of the exact sales copy I use to get amazing results for my roofing and other contractor clients, you can also grab the image templates I use to pair with the ad copy. One time payment of only $47. Includes a video training plus the templates and how to use them. SIMPLE!

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